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EASA Approved Training Organisation, CH.ATO.0301

Private pilot training - PPL(H)

Commercial pilot training - ATPL(H)/CPL(H)

Various type trainings - Single/Multi Engine

License extensions - MOU, NIT etc.

Flight Instructor trainings

Linth Air Service is an EASA Approved Training Organisation (CH.ATO.0301), certified for training courses such as:

Training Courses:

  • PPL(H) / CPL(H) / ATPL(H) - Praxis only

  • NIT (H) - Night Rating

  • MOU(H) - Mountain Rating (Switzerland)


Type Ratings:

  • H120 (Colibri)

  • HU369 / MD500N / 600N

  • H125 (Ecureuil, B3e)

  • AS355N (Twin-Ecureuil)

  • MD900 / 902

Flight Instructor Training courses:

  • FI(H)

  • FI-MOU(H) limited to 2000m (Switzerland) 

  • FI-MOU(H) unlimited (Switzerland)
  • TRI(H) - AS355N
  • TRI(H) - MD900 / 902

Experienced flight instructors pass on their wide-ranging knowledge. Be it training on the aircraft itself or be it theory, Linth Air Service will competently train you. We’d love to advice you on your very personal needs and wishes. 




You will fly a helicopter hands-on

A Discovery Flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a helicopter or have the goal of a commercial helicopter pilot career…a discovery flight at Linth Air Service will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer.

With us, you may pilot a helicopter without prior knowledge and without a physical check. Whilst doing so, you will be under the guard of an experienced pilot and flight trainer. Thus, become a pilot for once, break away from the everyday mill and treat yourself to the experience of a life time!




With the Private Pilot License, you are allowed to fly for your pleasure. You can take your friends and family for an unforgettable helicopter ride. Even business trips and traveling with the helicopter are allowed with your Private Pilot License.

From beginning on you will sit in the cockpit to learn the basic functions of the helicopter. Thus, we combine theory and practice. These include, for example, radio work with the tower, navigation, air traffic within the vicinity of an airport and its regulations. The first flight hours for your Private Pilot License you will spend with an instructor to learn different manoeuvres such as: hover, landings, emergencies. The next big step will be your first solo flight, when you are flying the helicopter for the first time without a flight instructor - an unforgettable experience!


Of course, you are able to charter our helicopter after finishing your PPL(H).




You will start with ground training which includes advanced helicopter aerodynamics and the rules and regulations for commercial helicopter flights. This training will take you beyond your Private Pilot skills. This stage of the training is placed on using good judgment, pinnacles, confined areas, power management and your professionalism.

In order to build up the flight time, which is required for the Commercial Pilot License, it is not uncommon for students to include a Mountain Rating and even the Night Rating.



Various types

We are able to offer type ratings for different helicopter types like:


- Airbus Helicopters: ​H120, H125

- MD Helicopters:​MD500, MD900


Ask us also for further types



With our base in Mollis, Linth Air Service AG offers an efficient way to bring you to different mountain landing spots of the swiss alps.

During the practical training, you will be learning in detail the tactics and manoeuvres of mountain landings. In addition, you will be getting to know useful safety equipment and will get familiar with the theory of camping in the mountains.



To add the night flight rating to a private pilote license, you must have at least 100 flight hours of experience after finishing the private pilot training, incl. 60 hours as a responsible pilot and 20 hours of cross-country flights. However, this requirement is waived if the night course is taken for obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL).

Night flight training requires a minimum of 5 flight hours and mandatory attendance of the Night Theory Course. The course must completed within 6 months and is available in autumn/winter season.

Discovery Flight
Type Rating
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